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If ‘Remember NO Matter What; Chin Up, Tits Out’ was “a journey of love, tears and learning; as (Hadley) fights and attempts to overcome hurdles standing in her way.”, then the sequel could be best explained as a journey of unconditional love, self-sacrifice and the importance of family and loved ones. This is an intimate telling of how Hadley has had to learn to jump even higher as life continues to place hurdles on her path. Let’s face it, she’s practically been training for the Olympics…one hurdle at a time!


We all have that little voice in our heads…That inner voice that silently comments on our lives, people we encounter and our experiences. I often refer to my inner voice as my Inner Bitch and I prefer to keep her well away from the outside world. Hadley not only embraces her inner voice, she literally displays these thoughts on the pages of this brilliant and heartfelt sequel to “Chin Up, Tits Out”. She inspires me to be better….a better wife and daughter. She reminds me to be true to myself.


Hadley will surely have you laughing, crying, clinging to every written word, and quite possibly curled up with a glass/bottle/box of wine & lots of tissues at times. Her inner voice is so beautifully and vulnerably displayed in writing, giving each of us the gift of connecting to the woman behind the story; her crazy personality, her personal perspectives, her deep connections with some, and her even deeper judgements of others…lol. We are all invited to dive between the covers of Miranda Oh’s latest novel, revisit our dear friend Hadley, and share in her deepest heartaches yet! And don’t forget…..there is still more to come!


Turn off your ringer, grab some tissues, pour some wine, and prepare yourself for even more laughs, cries, and jaw-dropping moments. Hadley is the perfect reminder of the power and strength of a woman. There truly doesn’t seem to be anything that she won’t do for love. - 

Morissa Granove

(Spiritual Mentor & Perspectives Coach, Soul Seeds Studios)

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