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My name is Miranda Oh, I am the author of the Chin Up Tits Out series. My motto in life is to always have a chin-up tits out attitude, no matter what! When the tough gets going, there is no shame in sipping some wine and having an ugly cry. 

Life is a wild ride, sharing the twisted stories is what brings us together. 

I hope that my stories bring you lots of laughter, some shock, and a few tears. I encourage alcoholic beverages when reading, it will enhance your reading experience. 

I would love to connect with you, and never forgot to #chinuptitsout 

Your life will change if you keep that positive mental attitude! Promise! Cheers to you! 


Miranda Oh

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Remember, No Matter What; Chin Up Tits Out

When All Else Fails Chin Up Tits Out

Just Breathe
Chin Up Tits Out
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If ‘Remember NO Matter What; Chin Up, Tits Out’ was “a journey of love, tears and learning; as (Hadley) fights and attempts to overcome hurdles standing in her way.”, then the sequel could be best explained as a journey of unconditional love, self-sacrifice and the importance of family and loved ones. This is an intimate telling of how Hadley has had to learn to jump even higher as life continues to place hurdles on her path. Let’s face it, she’s practically been training for the Olympics…one hurdle at a time!


We all have that little voice in our heads…That inner voice that silently comments on our lives, people we encounter and our experiences. I often refer to my inner voice as my Inner Bitch and I prefer to keep her well away from the outside world. Hadley not only embraces her inner voice, she literally displays these thoughts on the pages of this brilliant and heartfelt sequel to “Chin Up, Tits Out”. She inspires me to be better….a better wife and daughter. She reminds me to be true to myself.


Hadley will surely have you laughing, crying, clinging to every written word, and quite possibly curled up with a glass/bottle/box of wine & lots of tissues at times. Her inner voice is so beautifully and vulnerably displayed in writing, giving each of us the gift of connecting to the woman behind the story; her crazy personality, her personal perspectives, her deep connections with some, and her even deeper judgements of others…lol. We are all invited to dive between the covers of Miranda Oh’s latest novel, revisit our dear friend Hadley, and share in her deepest heartaches yet! And don’t forget…..there is still more to come!


Turn off your ringer, grab some tissues, pour some wine, and prepare yourself for even more laughs, cries, and jaw-dropping moments. Hadley is the perfect reminder of the power and strength of a woman. There truly doesn’t seem to be anything that she won’t do for love. - 

Morissa Granove

(Spiritual Mentor & Perspectives Coach, Soul Seeds Studios)


Chick Lit: Remember, no matter what; Chin UP, Tits Out: A Chick lit romantic comedy (Chin UP, Tits Out: A chick lit comedy series)

Miranda Oh


Grady's review

Jan 28, 2020


it was amazing

Read 2 times


A taste of ‘Kizmit’

Author Miranda Oh lives in the corporate world – with escape hatches available as a storyteller treasured by her friends and family. She loves life and it shows in her writing. REMEMBER, NO MATTER WHAT is her first volume of a Chick Lit series she titles CHIN UP, TITS OUT – a series that is bound to find admirers who follow the Chick Lit genre.

Miranda writes well, able to create an atmosphere of contemporary real time inextricably bonded to the spectrum of love – both found and longed for – and related with a naughty verbiage that is so appropriate to the story she creates. She has sculpted a unique central character in Hadley Hope McLeary, a girl who seems strangely familiar to the readers without being a stereotype.

Teasing the reader with a tidbit of tale before the book opens, Miranda writes, ‘I woke up one morning to some noise outside our tent, and Riaan’s arms wrapped tightly around me. I didn’t really want to move much, but at the same time I didn’t want someone stealing all our stuff. So I grabbed my camera and turned it on. If someone was going to kill me, or kidnap me I wanted to leave photographic evidence of who it was. I slowly unzipped the tent, and stuck my camera outside in the direction of where I thought I hear the noise coming from. I started to snap photos and then I retracted my arm to review the photos I took. Monkeys elbow deep in our cooler of food.’ Spunky, funny, and a glimpse at the flavors to come.

In a dark prologue that follows the above there is a different aspect of heroine Hadley – a girl in distress, not with invading monkeys, but with facing some realities of fear – and family interference – of an expected visitor, as Hadley introduces herself and her condition to the reader. Once dispersed, the flavor of the novel is scented: ‘I met Riaan for the very first time at a fair in Winnipeg that visited every summer. I look back often and wonder if it were too much too soon, or if there was anything I could have done to control the way things turned out.’ And we’re off on a survey of a first love experience.

Miranda provides a quick glimpse of the plot ‘18 year old Hadley has led a charmed life, always knowing exactly what she wanted from it. She’d had her life distinctly mapped out in her head for as long as she remembered, but a chance meeting sends her into a tailspin...albeit a sensationally delicious one. As she travels halfway across the world to fight for what’s hers, she stumbles time after time. It's a journey of love, tears and learning; as she fights and attempts to overcome multiple hurdles standing in her way.’

This is a pocketbook of ideas about coming of age in the romance arena, frustrations and highs, contemporary foibles and paraphernalia, immigration issues, and much more – all condensed into a short Chick Lit format. Miranda Oh has a style that should tempt lovers of this genre. A fine first outing…!

From Good Reads

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